Meet Awful Records’ Father, Archibald Slim & Playboi Carti

Consisting of 15 members and covering just about as many genres, the Awful Records crew are coming off a big 2014 in which they released almost too much music to keep track of, and saw Father break out with the hit “Look At Wrist.” A few of them were in NYC for some shows last week, so HNHH got a chance to sit down with three of the squad’s core members: Father, Archibald Slim and Playboi Carti.

The trio discuss the Awful movement’s origins, managing such an eclectic bunch of artists, getting shouted out by Azealia Banks and their upcoming projects. For Father, it’s Who’s Gonna Get Fucked First, his follow-up to last year’s Young Hot Ebony, and for Slim, it’s his Dichotomy project with fellow Awful member RichPoSlim (which actually dropped yesterday).

Father closes the interview by saying that, despite the fact that they’ve fielded some offers, Awful has no intention of signing a record deal anytime soon. “Getting greedy is where people get messed up at,” Slim chimes in, “So we’d rather just try to find some type of distribution deal and push that on our own.” As they’re making some of the most interesting, unique music in Atlanta right now, Awful’s independent mindset should continue to serve them well. Watch and subscribe at!

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