Meet The Man Who Turned Down $30,000 For A Pair Of Jordans

Many of you are already familiar with SoleyGhost, the owner of East Coast Boutique, and the man with a sneaker collection that ranks among the very best.

Not long ago, he exposed Jim Jones for flaunting a fake pair of ‘Championship’ Ray Allen Air Jordan 11s.

The Ghost is back once again, this time talking about another special edition PE- The ‘Melo’ Air Jordan 5- of which, only two pairs were made. He owns one and the other is owned by the man they were crafted for, Carmelo Anthony.

In fact, he says he once turned down a $30,000 offer for the orange 5s.

You have to respect the passion he has for his collection of sneakers, but would any of you have the balls to turn down 30 racks for pair of kicks?

The answer is no. You would’ve took that cash and laughed all the way to the bank.

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