Mike WiLL Made It Ft. Big Sean – On The Come Up

Mike WiLL Made It & Big Sean kick it by the fire in new video.

The latest video from Mike WiLL Made It’s Ransom 2 is cinematic in nature, from the establishing shots of a boulevard to the tense, politically-charged stand off with police. Big Sean spits his verse on an antiquated porch one moment, and at the next moment, an entire squad decked in black apparel are ghost-riding-the-whip. Heat appears to be a major theme in this clip, from the muggy summer haze to the raging inferno behind Mike & Sean. By nightfall, it’s as if the entire city backdrop is engulfed in flame.

The video, directed by Mike Piscitelli, is the second clip from Mike WiLL’s latest project. 

Category: HipHop, Music