Nardwuar Vs. iLoveMakonnen

Watch Nardwuar face off with ILoveMakonnen.

Nardwuar continues to roll out some interviews he did at SXSW, and after going up against Migos and Rae Sremmurd, next up is another Southerner, Makonnen.

Although the interview with Migos left us all feeling a bit awkward, ILoveMakonnen is much more easy-going, and therefore much more comfortable to watch. Nardwuar presents Makonnen with a gift right off the bat, an autographed Shania Twain VHS. Apparently Makonnen has an unrequited love with the Canadian songstress. Makonnen also gets hyped when Nardwuar presents him with a Junior M.A.F.I.A. vinyl.

We also get a random piece of information: apparently ILoveMakonnen was almost ILoveAmerica, before he faced off with the legal system, though. Watch and subscribe at GMinds!

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