Nardwuar Vs. Kehlani

Narduwar interviews Kehlani about Star Wars, her old job at Park Burger, and the mystique of Mac Dre.

Nardwuar is really shining in the post-SXSW shakeout. His latest masterpiece features Bay Area rising star Kehlani, who took a few minutes out of her busy schedule to chop it up with the Human Serviette and accept his humble gift offerings.

Narduwar’s opening salvo of gifts were Star Wars-themed, in light of Kehlani’s adoration of the epic film franchise dating back to her youth. Other topics addressed of the course of the interview include: the time Kehlani worked at Park Burger, the mystique of hyphy pioneer Mac Dre, her love of Disclosure and Stevie Wonder, the time she got banned from Wal-Mart, and more. The whole interview is great… Kehlani and Nardwuar are both their usual peppy self.

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