“Noisey Raps”: Fetty Wap & The Zoo Gang

Fetty Wap and the Zoo Gang star in the latest episode of “Noisey Raps.”

Fetty Wap and his Zoo Gang, including Monty, donning a fresh HNHH snapback, are the latest subjects of the “Noisey Raps” series. The video begins with Fetty and the Gang walking around the city, counting money — at one point, Fetty has about $30K in his pockets — and picking up rental Ferraris.

Fetty then takes us to Paterson, New Jersey, where Fetty is the hometown hero, and it’s clear, after his record-setting year, that he’s still an integral member of the community. Fetty also speaks about when he performed with Taylor Swift at a show of hers in Seattle, for which she personally contacted him and flew him out on a private jet.

Category: Comedy, HipHop, Interviews