Obama Ethers Donald Trump Using Drake’s “Back To Back” (Spoof)

Watch an Obama impersonator diss Donald Trump using Drake’s “Back to Back.”

Just how great of a diss track was Drake’s “Back to Back”? Well, it’s just been remixed by President Obama to diss the GOP’s top clown, Donald Trump.

OK, well he haven’t heard Obama drop bars yet, though he did crack some gold jokes at future 2020 “peezy” Kanye West at a DNC fundraiser in San Francisco this weekend. Anyway, this guy’s Obama voice is spot-on, and he rewrites some of Drizzy’s best bars to roast the hell out of Trump. A few highlights below:

“Right-wingers turn to slur-slingers / You’re getting bodied by a left-winger”

“I should have let Univision host your debate / You gon’ make me by bottles for John McCain”

What’s funnier: This or Baracka Flocka Flame’s “Head of the State”?

Category: Comedy, HipHop