Pharrell & Jimmy Fallon Perform Together As “Afro & Deziak”

Pharrell and Jimmy Fallon form a parody ’80s group called “Afro & Deziak.”

In addition to producing Snoop Dogg’s new album and continuing on as a successful solo artist, Pharrell’s got another new musical venture to add to his list. Last night, he was on “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon,” and the two dudes starred in a sketch that had them playing a fictitious ’80s R&B duo called “Afro & Deziak.”

Dressed impeccably well for the part, Pharrell dons a fro wig and a shiny pink suit while shimmying next to Fallon, who looks like he just changed clothes from his Barry Gibb outfit, keeping the wig and facial hair. Pretty funny stuff.

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