Pro Era’s Kirk Knight & Smokers Club Pres. Jonny Shipes Give Us Their 4/20 Essentials

Kirk Knight and Jonny Shipes talk blunts, edibles, and doing dabs with Wiz Khalifa.

With 4/20 right around the corner, it’s time to ask some of the game’s most legendary smokers how they’ll be spending their favorite holiday. First up is Pro Era’s Kirk Knight, one of NY’s most exciting young voices (and Pro Era’s in-house producer). Some call it old-fashioned, but Knight keeps it classic with papers, Backwoods, and Dutchies–no dabs, thank you very much. Kirk once tried wax with Wiz Khalifa–“that shit hit my whole soul,” and he’s never going back.

Next we move on to another successful stoner, Jonny Shipes, head of Cinematic Music Group, whose roster includes Big K.R.I.T. as well as the entire Pro Era gang. He also started the music & lifestyle (& weed) brand The Smokers Club, so, yeah, he knows how to celebrate. On Monday, Shipes is throwing a party befit with 500 blunts and edibles galore, so if you track him down, there’ll be a special treat waiting for you. Johnny is, also, not a “dabbing captain,” but a “stabbing captain.”

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