R.Kelly – Backyard Party

R. Kelly drops a feel-good video “Backyard Party” ahead of his forthcoming album “Buffet.”

R. Kelly is dropping a new album called Buffet on November 20th. Exactly a month ahead of its release, R. Kelly, now 48, shows that his voice still crushes all these youngbloods (and still knows how to have a good time) with feel-good new video “Backyard Party.”

“Backyard Party” is exactly what it sounds like — an old-fashioned summer kickback. Burgers on the grill, red cups, carefree vibes. Never gets old. And since this one takes place at R. Kelly’s crib, it’s got pools, convertibles, and cameos from Snoop Dogg and Chance The Rapper.

Kelly appears to preview a song called “Marching Band” at the end of the video and it sounds just as good as “Backyard Party.” Buffet is going to be hot.

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