Raekwon Reacts to “Divorce Court” Wu-Tang Allegations

Raekwon reacts to “Divorce Court” allegations that a woman slept with the Wu-Tang Clan.

During an interview with MTV News’ Rob Markman, Raekwon responded to a recent episode of “Divorce Court” in which the plaintiff accused his girlfriend of sleeping with the entire Wu-Tang Clan.

When asked if he recognized her, Raekwon jokingly responded, “You know that was the first thing, I was like, ‘do I know that mouth or something?'”

The verdict? “Nah, I don’t remember her.”

“One thing about Wu-Tang is, it’s nine of us but it’s 9,000 of us too,” The Chef continued. “Everybody that we know, they take on this name of Wu-Tang, and maybe she met another division and they had fun that night, but I don’t remember her… it wasn’t me. I didn’t hit your girl homie, so just chill, B.”

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