Reality Show “Sex Box” Where Couples Have Sex In A Box!

Would you have sex in front of a live audience? The couples on WeTV’s new reality show “Sex Box” are doing just that. Well, sort of. They’re having sex in a soundproof box with no cameras, then coming out in their post-coitus pajamas and talking to sex and relationship experts about what just happened in front of an audience.

Without being a premium cable channel it’s pretty much the closest audiences will get to seeing a real couple have live sex on TV. WeTV premiered the trailer for the new show, which isn’t that scandalous on the sex details but reveals how many couples aren’t working it out in the bedroom — or box as the case may be.

It’s trouble in Paradise for most of the couples that made the trailer and they’ll be airing their dirty laundry for all of television to hear soon enough. Don’t expect anything too salacious though. “Sex Box” is based on a British reality show of the same name. While it’s intriguing to think that these couples are really “doing it” inside the box, getting them to reveal the dirty details during their therapy session is another thing. It’s more crying about what’s going wrong than breaking down their best sex tips.

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