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Natives of Las Vegas, NV, Royal Flush, (Johnny & Isaiah Galvan Espinoza) began performing at the early ages of 9 and 6 years old. Their father Johnny Boy (AKA, Mr. Las Vegas) was the inspiration which drove this rap sensation duo to music. The group was first introduced to the public as their former name, “Los Pretty Boyz” and as early as 2014 decided to change the name to rebrand themselves because they were getting older.

Now 18 and 15 they have grown their music to a nationwide audience of teenagers who absolutely love them. Their style, performance ability, lyrical appeal, and the loyalty of their fan base has elevated them to massive success. They have branded themselves as two the most youngest well-known Las Vegas talents, especially via social media where they have thousands of fans who interact with them daily.

Royal Flush has also opened and performed for acts and shows such as Floyd Mayweather’s event that was televised worldwide, Avant, Tank, Rich Boy, Nick Cannons group Wonder Broz, Baby Bash and many more. You can also see them acting in many on line skits, notably with on line comedian and sensation, Lil Moco, who has multi-million worldwide fans on You Tube. They have been showcased in many public and private shows and have also worked with many other independent recording artists. Their credibility and professionalism at such a young age has given them the ability to build their career to higher levels. Their next moves includes a new album, working with some of the best producers, meet and greets with fans, interviews, and of course, more shows. They have also recorded a single with Recording Artist Baeza, who has been an icon in the latino music market for many years.

RBS Management signed Royul Flush summer of 2015 and plans to market them outside the USA and will also take them to the next level in their career by building their fan base globally. Reggie Batts, CEO of RBS Management and now their personal Executive Manager, says that he couldn’t be happier working with such amazing talent and says that he’s looking forward to seeing them challenged to do more.

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