Sauce Twinz & Sosamann Ft. Migos – On Top

The Sauce Twinz, Sosamann, and Migos drop off the wildly energetic “On Top” video.

If your only introduction to the Sauce Twinz, made up of Sauce Walka and Sancho Saucey, is Walka’s “Wack 2 Wack” Drake diss and the rumors of another impending diss (a collab with Meek Mill), then it’s time you check out the Twinz’ latest mixtape, Sauce Theft Auto, with fellow sauce aficionado Sosamann. Here’s the new video to one of the tape’s standouts, “On Top,” featuring Migos.

Due to both group’s theatrical energy and heavy use of ad-libs, some have accused the Twinz of jacking their “sauce” from Migos, but the new video shows that both have unique styles, and, when together, the combination of the dab and the drip is an irresistible elixir.

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