ScHoolboy Q On The Breakfast Club

Watch ScHoolboy Q’s new sit-down with The Breakfast Club.

ScHoolboy Q keeps the press surrounding Blank Face LP coming, his latest interview being one with The Breakfast Club trio. He’s obviously hip to the trends, as Charlamagne Tha God reveals he walked in playing PokemonGo, “I’m tryna catch ’em,” he says.

It goes from lighthearted to heavy real quick though, with Q revealing that a good friend got a 100 years in prison– and that he found out about this on the day his album dropped, thus making it difficult for him to celebrate the album release. “He’s the dude that put me on that set,” Q says. “He was older, he was like my first big homie…I wouldn’t have none of this content if it wasn’t for him.” If that wasn’t enough, ScHoolboy also reveals that his daughter broke her arm.

Groovy Tony goes on to discuss getting his health in check and cleaning up his diet, making Blank Face LP seventeen records and skipping a deluxe edition, connecting with Kanye West and more. He also clarifies further the situation with his “Overtime” record– he says he didn’t like it “until Miguel and Justine got on it,” which he didn’t get to clarify during his listening session.

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