Scott Van Pelt Reminds Everyone Of Lamar Odom’s True Identity

Scott Van Pelt’s new midnight show on SportsCenter typically ends with a segment called ‘One Big Thing,’ which is something that he carried over from his radio show.

On last night’s edition of SVP SC, Van Pelt used the final moments to address the Lamar Odom situation, particularly how he is being portrayed in the media.

Multiple outlets were referencing LO as simply a ‘Kardashian reality star,’ failing to recognize or appreciate his accomplishments in basketball and the reason why so many people care to see him pull through.

Nearly everyone who has ever crossed paths with Odom was devastated by the news and it’s not because of his ties to the Kardashians, but because he was a truly genuine, kind-hearted person and a hell of a ball player to boot.

Sure, Lamar willingly participated in the Kardashian reality series but to belittle him into being merely another member of the cast is just flat out sad.

SVP said it best, and it’s something that definitely needed to be said.

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