Slim Jesus Says He “Ain’t Even Tripping About No Street Credibility”

Slim Jesus reveals the origins of his name and how he feels about his street credibility, or lack thereof.

Slim Jesus is the latest rapper to go viral, thanks to his music video for “Drill Time.” He quickly earned himself a name on the web, but that came with a lot of trolling and a lot of hating. The skinny white kid from Hamilton, Ohio recently made his way to NYC and stopped by to break down a few things about himself.

First, he spoke on his rap moniker, “I got my name from..well one of my homies started calling me ‘Swag Jesus’ and that sounded a little goofy so I flipped it up and it sounded cool and it made people mad so I stuck with it.”

One of the biggest topics for haters is the fact that Slim Jesus seems to be lacking in street cred. Having previously admitted he does not catch bodies, he elaborated, “I ain’t even tripping about no street credibility. If you like me, you like me. If you don’t, you don’t. If you run up on me, you’ll see what happens– like if my people are with me you’re probably gunna get hit. I’m not trippin’. Talkin’ bout I need extra security cause some dude ran up– not that’s dead. I already told y’all I ain’t out here catchin’ bodies, like I ain’t trippin’ tryna say I’m out here killing people…But that does not mean you can do something stupid and it’s gonna be alright.”

Slim Jesus capped off the interview by shouting out some of the co-signs he’s received, ranging from Lil Bibby to Trae Tha Truth. He also says he lost count of all the diss tracks against him when they hit the 500 mark. Watch above.

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