Stephen Colbert Pokes Fun At Kanye West’s Donda Chart

Stephen Colbert cracks jokes about the Donda chart Kanye West recently shared in an effort to finance his many future innovations.

With the rolling out of his new album, The Life of Pablo, Kanye West has gone on a few Twitter rants that have earned the attention of the entire mainstream media. Indeed, due to the audacity of many of his statements, as well as the millions of people whom they immediately reach, Kanye’s recent antics have been an easy target for comedians. Last night on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Colbert poked fun at Kanye’s efforts to beg Mark Zuckerberg for a donation of $1 billion, a request he made upon revealing that he was $53 million in “personal debt.”

Midway through the clip, after touching on Taylor Swift’s surprise response to her offensive namedrop on The Life of Pablo track “Famous,” Colbert showed a close-up of the Donda org chart that Kanye recently shared on Twitter as evidence for Zuckerberg or other potential donors as to what ventures their hefty sums might help finance.

“I love this chart. It’s like an eight-year-old imagining their dream treehouse,” said Colbert, who pointed out specific items shown on the chart such as “holograms,” “hovercrafts,” and “7 screen movie experience.”

Colbert also brought up another one of Kanye’s recent tweets — “Ima fix wolves,” which he sent out shortly upon the release of his new album. Colbert posits that the tweet isn’t actually referring to track #13 on The Life of Pablo, but, rather, to the actual wolf species itself. Raising the possibility of Kanye turning ferocious wildlife into friendly pets, Colbert pleads, “We have to help Kanye.”

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