T-Wayne “Nasty Freestyle” Vine Compilation

Check out the greatest Vines to T-Wayne’s “Nasty Freestyle” on this Vine compilation.

After bringing you the extremely necessary “Flicka Da Wrist” Vine comp, we’re back again today with another song that’s been taking over Vine, T-Wayne’s “Nasty Freestyle.” The other week we did a list of the funniest Vines for the Bricksquad Monopoly artist’s hit, and so you’ll find a few of those make an appearance in the above compilation.

It’s the first few seconds of the “Nasty Freestyle” that make for a great Vine (as you’ll see above), as T-Wayne declares, “First let me hop out the mawfuckin’ Porsche.” From some crazy dance moves, to some cartoon Vines (which include Elmo), check out the Vine compilation above.

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