Texas Longhorns Women’s Basketball Team Lost Their Minds When Drake Visited

Drake is in the building. Obviously our girls played it cool ? #FanGirls (video courtesy of Emily Johnson)

Een video die is geplaatst door Texas Women's Basketball (@texaswbb) op

They really didn’t care that he was rocking Kentucky blue.

Drake visited the University of Texas’ basketball facilities yesterday just before he and Future launched their “Summer Sixteen” Tour, but he wasn’t sporting any burnt orange Longhorns apparel.

Instead, Drake repped for Big Blue Nation with his Kentucky Wildcats tee which drew only a little criticism from one fan to which he replied, “they didn’t give me any clothes.”

The rest of the members of the Longhorns Women’s Basketball team couldn’t care less about what color Drizzy’s shirt was, and they all went from zero to 100, real quick, when he passed them by in the team’s facility.

Whole squad on that real shit.

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