Tory Lanez Talks Ghostwriting, Drake, Meek Mill & Being Swavey

Tory Lanez discusses Drake, Meek, and ghostwriting days before he is namedropped on both of their new records.

Just before his late night TV debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Tory Lanez stopped by The Cruz Show on L.A.’s Power 106. The interview began with Lanez attempting to describe the “swavey” sound that he seeks to purvey. He explains that the word is meant to signify “the genre of putting more than one genre together,” and he went on to mention a few of his “swavey” counterparts.

“All these artists right now that are singing and rapping, like Bryson Tiller and Drake…those people are all swavey artists.”

Though Drake’s style indeed meets the definition of swavey, it’s interesting that Lanez named his fellow Torontonian, as many felt that Drake took subtle shots at Lanez last night on his new single, “Summer Sixteen.”

Of course, this interview was recorded three days ago, but as luck would have it, Lanez was also asked about Meek Mill, who, minutes after the release of “Summer Sixteen,” dropped a Drake diss track (as part of a 4-song EP), on which he called out the OVO rapper for hating on Lanez.

When asked if he had ever ghostwritten for Meek, Lanez responded, “No, I never wrote for Meek. Meek’s an incredible writer. He doesn’t need nobody to write for him. His verses are incredible.”

Lanez would go on to reveal that he wrote parts of “My N*ggas,” a bonus song on Meek’s Dreams Worth More Than Money that features August Alsina. Judging by his preceding statement, though, we’ll assume that his contributions had no effects on Meek’s verses.

On his new diss track, “War Pain,” Meek seems to anticipate a few elements of Drake’s “Summer Sixteen.” Responding to rumors that he may have gotten tipped off about Drake’s new single, Meek wrote on Instagram, “the ghost writer told me!”

Lanez is still yet to implicate himself in the beef between Drake and Meek, though hearing him discuss both artists — a couple days before he would pop up on both of their new records — as well as the subject of ghostwriting is strangely coincidental. Do you think Lanez will get further involved?

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