Travi$ Scott Defends Fan From Venue Security!

Travi$ Scott angers venue security once again.

As we observed in a recent feature, Travi$ Scott shows have gotten pretty rowdy this year. Whether inviting fans to rush the stage, ridiculing a cameraman or flipping on on someone for allegedly trying to steal his shoes, dude has made it his mission to rile up every crowd into a frenzy while usually antagonizing someone in the process. His latest antic came last night, when he attempted to fend off security when they were harassing a fan at his concert.

Singling out the “lime-green-shirt motherfuckers” (AKA the venue staff), Scott halted the music to try and get them off a rowdy fan. When told to “chill” by one of them, he replied “YOU chill, motherfucker. He’s with me.”

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