Tree’s “TrapGenius” Documentary (Chicago’s South Side)

Watch Tree’s short “TrapGenius” documentary.

Tree has released some dope stuff under his soul trap umbrella thus far, but it seems like he’s taking things to the next level in preperation for his TrapGenius album. The soulful trap spitter is from Chicago, and as promo for the LP he gives us a glimpse inside the South Side of the Chi, filming there for a day. From the drug dealers to the addicts, we get a quick look at everything. If only it were a little more in-depth.

Tree says of the documentary, “This documentary is my attempt at clarifying what a trap genius is. Not one who is in the action of trapping or a victim of the trapping but one who is proficient in the wisdom and understanding of the trap. One who can adapt to and penetrate any trap!! This is not my trap! I do not know these individuals! So my understanding of the environment in general allows me to maneuver in any trap or trap-like environment.” Watch and subscribe at!

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