Ty Dolla $ign Debates Black Emojis On The Nightly Show

Ty Dolla $ign answers the question: can white people send black emojis?

The Game, Joey Bada$$, and Jeezy are just a few of the many rappers who have appeared on The Nightly Show’s roundtable debate this year to discuss a variety of issues pertaining to race, politics, and pop culture.

Last night, Ty Dolla $ign entered the fray along with to debate the merits of emojis and whether or not white people should be able to send black emojis. Fun fact: the Oxford Dictionary 2015 Word of the Year is “tears of joy emoji.”

On the topic of white people sending black emojis, Ty chimed in, “I don’t know how I feel about that. They made the black one for us.” He said mostly just texts now and reserves calls for business or family. “Other people get that text,” he says. According to Ty, Length of text is a function of how bad the recipient is.

Watch the clip in full to experience the hilarity.

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