Vic Mensa Debuts New Song With Skrillex “No Chill”

To date, EDM heavyweight (and former screamo band member)Skrillex has done very little production work for rappers outside ofA$AP Rocky’s immaculately turnt “Wild For The Night.” But now, thanks to Reddit, we’ve learned that Vic Mensa recently notched a collab with him. The Save Money rapper debuted the track, “No Chill,” at a Converse event last night, and now video has surfaced.

Before fully launching into the track, Mensa pauses to encourage people to film the song’s live debut, and leads them in an Allen Iverson-style “practice” chant. Despite its title, “No Chill” is not as upbeat as “Wild For The Night.” Also, does anyone else think Mensa sounds a lot like Drake on this?

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