Vic Mensa Speaks On Kanye West, Signing To Roc Nation

Vic Mensa talks with MTV in detail about his signing with Roc Nation and his first meeting with Jay Z.

Here goes another sit-down with Vic Mensa, also from his NYC press run. In addition to chopping it up with Sway In The Morning, the Chicago native chopped it up with MTV.

During the 25-minute conversation with Nadeska, Vic speaks on the day he signed with Roc Nation and his first encounter with Hov. “My first meeting with Jay Z, I just knew he was really really smart — that’s what I took from it. We didn’t speak so much in-depth, and I didn’t play music, he just told me what he had going on,” Vic says. “So the time I really met with him and played music…I played him a song that hasn’t been released yet called “City On Fire.” And I sampled a song in it, that the refrain is, ’It’s contagious’ and I had just bleached my hair.”

He went on to detail how Jay Z then drew a comparison from Vic to Kurt Cobain, the Nirvana frontman, “And once I played that, Hov told me that the night before, he had been watching the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction of Nirvana. And it was crazy to me that he drew comparison and that parallel just because Nirvana is my favorite band of all time.”

He continued, “He was like, ’It’s crazy that you just came in here with bleached hair, because I was watching the Hall of Fame induction with Kurt Coabin [and his] white hair,’ and one of the biggest songs they released was ’Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

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