Vince Staples Gives Tour Of His Long Beach Neighborhood

Watch Vince Staples give fans a tour of his Long Beach, California neighborhood.

Returning today for the latest episode in their “Neighborhood” series, Complex went out West to Long Beach, California to catch up with one of the cities’ hottest rappers, Vince Staples.

Inviting cameras to take a walk around his neighborhood, Vince revisited everything from his grandmothers house, Ramona Park, and where he began his music career at producer Chuck Wun’s house. This neighborhood tour brings out both good and bad memories for Vince as he talks about dealing with witnessing murders at a young age, playing basketball at the park, and much much more. He also recalls how his life became more dramatic in the summer of 2006 which is why his upcoming debut album is titled, Summertime ’06.

Running just shy of 9-minutes in length, the video will give fans a strong idea of the lifestyle that Vince came from and how it groomed him into being the artist he is today.

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