Vince Staples Talks Corny Rappers Who Hide Behind Drugs & Money

Long Beach’s Vince Staples sits down with Damon Campbell to talk how most rappers hide behind drugs and money.

At age 21, Vince Staples is one of the most exciting emcees on the West Coast. We’re still waiting on the follow up to his fantastic debut EP Hell Can Wait, but after hearing him on Earl Sweatshirt’s “Wool” as well as snippets of an upcoming collab with Future, we know he’s gonna have a huge 2015.

Vince recently caught up with HNHH’s Damon Campbell for an in-depth interview, in which he talks about how today’s game is filled with corny rappers, whose full-time job is to front about money they don’t have. “If you not rich like him, then they don’t take you as seriously as they take him. That’s the only reason they pretend.”

Vince is down for abrasive party music, like YG & Schoolboy Q, but most of these rappers are just dope fiends with a studio: “Niggas is dopeheads now ‘cuz of rap music.”

Vince goes on to talk about his upcoming projects, as well as conversations he’s had with Kanye West, whose taken an interest in his recent work.

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