Waka Flocka Announces His Candidacy For Speaker Of The House

Watch the hilarious announcement video.

Ever since Waka Flocka was a young boy, he harbored aspirations of becoming a rapper. But all along it has been his dream to run Congress. With John Boehner’s recent resignation, Flocka is seizing his opportunity and announcing his candidacy for United States Speaker of the House!

Flocka famously announced his candidacy for the Presidency, but he realized A) he’s too young, and B) the real power lies in Congress. If he wins, Flocka plans to bring plans to bring issues like marijuana, woman’s rights, and gun control to the table.

It goes without saying that Waka Flocka Flame would be the greatest Speaker of the House the US has ever seen. So get pumped for his campaign and watch his announcement video above.

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