Waka Flocka Talks About SAE Frat Racism Controversy On CNN

Waka Flocka talks to CNN about the disgusting nature of the SAE racist chant video.

Waka Flocka made the decision to pull out of a show for the SAE Fraternity at the University Of Oklahoma a couple days ago, after footage of the frat performing a horribly racist chant went viral. Flocka explained that the entire vibe of his live performances is to bring unity to people of different backgrounds, adding that he’s performed for largely black audiences in his early Atlanta trap days, and primarily white audiences on his EDM tour, which has earned him a diverse following up to this point.

In his interview, he revealed that he’s actually performed for the frat in the past, and felt respected and included, which makes the video that much more shocking. He closes with the thought that everyone in the video should be held accountable for their actions. Watch and subscribe at GMinds!

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