Watch 2 Chainz Gift a 5 Bedroom House To A Family In Need

2 Chainz is in a giving post-Christmas spirit.

Talk about philanthropy, Meek Mill isn’t the only one with a giving streak. 2 Chainz was so moved by the story of a family of 11 (two parents, nine kids) that he bought them a five bedroom house. Where did the Atlanta rapper discover the story? GoFundMe, believe it or not, and he didn’t need an Instagram beef to get there.

The video shows moment 2 Chainz gifted the house to the family, and follows them as the kids run around the house, picking out their rooms. Some other individuals who were a part of the gift are interviewed as well, including Tity Boi himself.

The gift was in conjunction with the Tru Foundation and 2 Chainz supposed $2 million in Dabbin’ Sweater profits.

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