Watch Kevin Hart & Will Ferrell’s Failed Audition Tapes With A Cameo From T.I.

Peep Funny Or Die’s new segment, featuring Kevin Hart, Will Ferrell and Tip.

Funny Or Die got two of the funniest actors together, Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell, to run through some of their “failed” audition tapes. The two are in a new film, “Get Hard,” due to hit theatres March 26th, so this acted as a bit of promo for the film, and it’s definitely good for a laugh or three.

The two actors start off by saying how similar they are, after having auditioned for many of the same roles over the years. We then get to see said “auditions” which are hilarious. At the end of the clip, randomly enough, T.I. makes an appearance and shows off his own acting chops.

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