Watch Lil Scrappy Review 50 Cent’s “Effen Vodka”

Lil Scrappy enjoys the smooth taste of 50 Cent’s Effen

In this DJ Smallz Eyes-hosted video, Lil Scrappy reviews 50 Cent’s new Effen line of vodka imported from Holland.

Scrappy takes a shot and gives Smallz Eyes (shouldn’t it Small Eyez?) his reaction. “Wow. Woah… that shit hit me different. I like it. It’s smooth… that shit went straight through to my brainpiece and my brainpiece is moded right now.” He goes on to describe it as “water with some other shit in it.”

Scrappy calls 50 Cent a “marketing genius.” “He gon get the cash, and I think that’s what he doing right now. I heard he got drawers, liquor, all kind of shit.”

If Scrappy’s review convinced you, head over to the Effen website and order yourself some.

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