Watch Lil Wayne Recreate Famous Play Calls On ESPN

The Miracle On Ice, George Foreman vs. Joe Frazier, ‘The Play’ from the 1982 Stanford vs. Cal game…

All of those iconic sports moments are even more memorable thanks to the announcers who provided the perfect commentary to accompany the incredible plays.

And for whatever reason, ESPN recently had Lil Wayne recreate them as part of a segment titled, ‘Weezy On The Call.’ It was nothing short of magical.

Weezy, who was last seen ESPN as a guest on ‘First Take’ predicting that the Lakers would make the playoffs, did his best rendition of some of the most classic sports calls including when ‘Havlicek stole the ball,’ and when Jerome Lane shattered the backboard, resulting in the famous ‘Send it in Jerome’ tag line.

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