Watch The Philly Police Department’s “Hotline Bling” Remix About Parking Spots

The Philadelphia Police Department tries to prevent parking spot saving.

In what is surely only the beginning of Drake’s wildly successful “Hotline Bling” being used for extremely random reasons, the Philadelphia Police Department has released their own remix to the song. The reason? To get people to stop saving parking spots. Important stuff.

Philly PD posted the short video to their Facebook page with a paragraph about it being illegal to save parking spots, saying “Folks – the spot isn’t yours, and saving it is against the law.” They even recorded their own video version on what sounds like a computer’s microphone. The vocals are… not quite on par with Drake’s abilities.

They updated the lyrics too. They read, “You need to call us from your cell phone / late night when you see that cone / call us from your cell phone / that parking spot’s not yours alone” and “when we hear that dispatch ring / it can only mean one thing.”

The video is complete with cone icons (is that the VLC logo?) and the hashtag #nosavesies. Yikes.

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