Watch Tyler, The Creator Perform “Cherry Bomb” Tracks At Coachella 2015

Watch Tyler, the Creator’s entire performance from Coachella last night (April 11).

Tyler, the Creator is having a busier week than anyone in hip-hop. His latest album, Cherry Bomb, drops tonight (April 12) at 9pm, and during his set at Coachella last night, he performed some new tracks off the album. Amid crowd-pleasers from his past albums Goblin and Wolf, Tyler also performed “DEATHCAMP” and “FUCKING YOUNG”, the two tracks he leaked last week when he announced the surprise album.

Tyler later said his performance “kinda sucked”, but he was happy with his “fucking tight” rendition of “FUCKING YOUNG”. Though Tyler later tweeted the crowd was awesome, he had some incendiary words for the VIP section, which happened to include Kendall Jenner. Tyler even issued a personal “fuck you” to Kendall, which you can watch below

Kendall later tweeted a picture of Tyler performing, so we assume the two are friends and Tyler was just… being Tyler.

Watch the show, and let us know what you think of Tyler’s antics.

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