Watch Vic Mensa Sign To Roc Nation

Watch video of Vic Mensa signing to Jay Z’s Roc Nation.

Back in February, Vic Mensa went from Freshmen to rising superstar after singing on Kanye West’s “Wolves.” He’s now got ‘Ye on his own record, “U Mad,” and just last week, he signed to Jay Z’s Roc Nation. And he hasn’t even put out an album yet.

A new video, brought to us (of course) by TIDAL, takes us behind the scenes of the days leading up to Vince’s signing with the Roc. First, Vince arrives home in Chicago for the first time in months, and takes us through his old neighborhood, remembering when him and his friend would listen to The Blueprint on the Walkman, one headphone apiece.

He then goes to NYC to meet with Jay for the official signing. Jay Z speaks on the first time he heard Vic, and after the paperwork, the two embrace and enjoy a shot of Armadale vodka.

“It’s hella just the beginning. But it’s a hell of a beginning.”

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