Who is Timmy Turner? Desiigner Explains

Desiigner explains the meaning behind “Tiimmy Turner.”

Desiigner’s explosive new single “Tiimmy Turner” has garnered a wide variety of reactions. Part of the reason for the song’s hype is that no one is quite sure why Desiigner is talking about Timmy Turner, the main character of the Fairly OddParents. In a new interview with AllDefDigital, Desiigner explains who Timmy Turner represents: himself.

“Timmy Turner is me,” he said, “I was referring to myself, and I was saying that I was wishing for a burner. And when I said ‘she fuckin’ for BET,’ I was referring to the girl that would do anything for the fame.”

Desiigner went on to explain how he came up with the song concept and how he met Mike Dean, who was present for the interview. On the current state of hip hop, he said, “It’s great, there’s nothing but creativity flying through it. New sounds are coming, more artists are coming… every day, the generation is building.”

Watch above and play close attention at the 0:56 mark.

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