Wiz Khalifa & Scarlett Johansson Compare Tattoos In SNL Promo

Wiz Khalifa and Scarlett Johansson star in the promo for their upcoming SNL episode.

With no album in site, you wouldn’t think Wiz Khalifa would have anything to promote on SNL this week, but it turns out, the rapper has had the #1 song in the country three weeks running. “See You Again” off the Furious 7 soundtrack has become a surprise hit, and has subsequently earned the rapper a musical guest spot on Saturday Night Live this week, where he’ll join SNL vet Scarlett Johansson.

Of course, the two are now starring in a new promo clip, doing some quick bits, and comparing tattoos. To be honest Wiz and Scarlett deserved some better writing on this one, but they’re both charismatic enough that it’s worth a watch either way.

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