Word On The Street: Travi$ Scott & “Rodeo”

What do you think of Travi$ Scott’s much-hyped “Rodeo”?

Travi$ Scott’s debut album, Rodeo, has seen fans and critics divided– most fans are freely handing out the praise, while critics seem to be underwhelmed by the project. Even our review found a strong divide. Travi$ Scott himself is also a polarizing personality, he’s often in the news for seemingly harassing fans at his live shows (most recently, he called fans in the crowd “faggots,” but later apologized). We decided to take the internet debate about Travi$ Scott and is-he-or-is-he-not worth the hype to the New York streets.

We asked some strangers what they thought of Rodeo as well as the on-stage antics, and, the responses were overwhelmingly positive.

The youth know what’s up. What’s your opinion?

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