Yasiin Bey Says America Is A Tough Place To Be Creative

Yasiin Bey talks about his artistic growth and his difficulties tapping into his “robust creativity” in the US.

In a recent interview with Beats By Dre, Yasiin Bey discussed his artistic journey and his difficulties accessing his “robust creativity” within the borders of the United States.

“America is a very challenging place for me,” he said. “Sure, there [are] great business opportunities and familiarity and all of that. Given the social, political and economic climate, it is very difficult—unnecessarily difficult—to create to the degree of fullness. The type of robust creativity that I like to have. It is very difficult for me to produce right here.”

It’s unclear if Bey’s beliefs were influenced by the incident this time last year in which he was barred from re-entry into the US after touring in Africa. It certainly seems that way given his global perspective.

“My country is called Earth,” he said. “This whole thing belongs to everybody that’s on it. And if there’s anything that I could do with my career, it’s to hopefully encourage the generations around me and after me to have that worldview.”

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