YFN Lucci Ft. PnB Rock – Everyday We Lit

YFN Lucci & PnB Rock live lavish in “Everyday We Lit.”

YFN Lucci, buzzing off his latest mixtape Long Live Nut, continues his wave of momentum with “Everyday We Lit.” He also rides literal waves on a big-ass boat filled with scantily clad ladies, enjoying the sunshine and celebrating his newfound success. The video strikes a feel-good tone, with YFN bringing the party to the Miami projects as men, women, and children bask in the contagious sense revelry. Of course, everything would be incomplete without a lit party scene, and rest assured that the video does not disappoint on that front.  Blue lights permeate the club while people drink and dance in slow motion, clearly enjoying the privilege of being eternally lit.

Category: HipHop, Music