Young Haze – Lil Homie [User Submitted]

Young Haze with “Lil Homie”. Thoughts?

“I received this name because my peers always said I had very “high” or sleepy eyes and looked like your everyday stoner, so the name just kind of stuck with me as I grew as an artist. I started off rapping by doing Eminem impersonations after school in the 5th grade. I used to take his song and rearrange the lyric to fit what was going on in my life at the time. By middle school I had a thing for free-styling on my favorite artist at the time (Lil Wayne). Then I finally recorded my first song on a web camera in the tenth grade. Since then I haven’t looked back. Rapping or making music as a whole was simply a getaway from the things going on in my life emotionally and I made friends and got rid of my shy mentality through music. I’m trying to get of the era of rappers with false personas. I try to make musicians want to reevaluate themselves and go back to the truthful fun side of hip hop. I’m trying to become a Hip Hop idol who doesn’t base his career around rapping about things he doesn’t do.I wish to show the youth that there isn’t anything wrong with being yourself. I put alot of effort into this and hope you enjoy.” – Young Haze

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