Young Thug Spits Live Freestyle On French Morning Show

Young Thug drops a rare live freestyle on “Good Morning Cefran.”

We know that Young Thug thinks The Breakfast Club is “the devil,” but he’s also been wary of most American media outlets and radio shows. In Europe, however, and in France especially, it’s a different story. In September, he gave one of his best interviews ever to the French online magazine Clique, and during his current E.U. tour, he stopped by the French morning show “Good Morning Cefran” and spat a live freestyle.

The French DJ gives Thugger a woozy beat similar to those found on Slime Season 2, and he takes a little while to find his groove, trying out a mumbly singing flow before connecting on a series of bars. It’s certainly not a perfect freestyle, but it gives fans a peek into Thugger’s spontaneous recording process. You can see him taking hold of the production as he goes, and if he was given one or two more practice runs, he could’ve easily churned out a hit record.

On a side note, Thug performed at Le Bataclan, where almost 100 people were killed in yesterday’s terrorist attack, on November 10.

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