Yung Joc Admits, “I Got A Little Guy”

“They get two inches of fun. But they love my personality.”

Yung Joc was the latest guest on “After Party Live!”, the after-show to “Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta,” and, responding to saucy questions from women on social media, he made an admission that may or may not affect his own love life in Atlanta. One woman, wanting to know the secret to Joc’s charm, asked, “Is it gold?”, and he prefaced his response with: “I’m gon’ shock ’em.” Indeed.

Gold or not, Joc went on to admit, “I got a little guy,” as he held up his right pinky. “They get two inches of fun,” he continues, clearly bearing no shame whatsoever, “They be like, ‘he’s little, but he sure make me feel so good.”

He then further explained that women flock to Joc for his personality: “I mean, I can’t just come out here and be like, ‘I got a baby leg.’ That ain’t cool.” You gotta respect the man’s honesty.

“I’m a sensual guy and I know how to make a woman feel good. I think that’s what it is.”

Was Joc’s candor too much for TV? Is he ever gonna live this one down?

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